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Born and raised in South East London, LAWANI was never taught or trained in any type of art form. His interest in art started from a very young age and has since continued to practise and develop his skills – all self-taught. He started off using traditional mediums until 2017 where he transitioned into digital art, due to his affinity to technology and computer applications.


LAWANI utilizes his artistic skillset for a variety of mediums and artistic disciplines, including illustration, character design, and graphic design. He has collaborated with a variety of professionals and created promotional material, logos and product designs for small businesses. However, his heart is with illustration, character design and visual storytelling. As a Black British artist, his work reflects his heritage and upbringing by featuring predominantly Black characters, especially in recent work, due to the perspectives and cultures that are often underrepresented or misrepresented in art and media.


He gains visual inspiration from a variety of sources such as animators, artists, radio personalities, fashion designers, actors, directors…the list goes on. The endless limit of beautiful art styles in the world and possibilities for representation is what originally motivated him to become an artist. His content revolves around references to fantasy, sci-fi, superhero, gaming and anime/manga influences. Alongside this you will also find splashes of music, fashion, & hip-hop culture.  

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